October 9, 2015

New Member Registration

Thank you for considering the Consumer Justice Center. We are a consumer advocacy organization specializing in helping our members deal with creditor harassment. As a debtor, you have rights and it is our job to educate you on them. If you are a new member please click the link below to begin the registration process.
We offer three levels of membership:
1. Basic
- This level is for those members whom have enrolled by signing our agreement but have not made their first payment. Basic members get limited access to our resources.
2. Rights Protection Plus
- This level of member gets access to all our online resources with the exception of litigation resources.
3. Rights Protection Plus Litigation
- If you are being sued by a creditor or you are pursuing a FDCPA claim, you get access to this levels resources. There is no additional charge for this level, it is simply law suit based.